Anglican Consultative Council - ACC 14 - Ecumenical Greetings

Internationale Altkatholische Bischofskonferenz der Utrechter Union
International Old Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Union of Utrecht
President: Der Erzbischof von Utrecht
President: The Archbishop of Utrecht

Amersfoort, 15f April 2009

Dear Rowan and members of the Council,

At the beginning of this meeting of the Council, gathering in Jamaica this year, it is to my great pleasure that I send you my sincere greetings and best wishes. To receive these greetings at the beginning of each meeting is a good tradition to have us all realize how valuable our partnership is.

The work of the Council is important to us, the Union of Utrecht and I highly estimate the work which is done so far and the work which will be achieved.

In our long-standing relationship we have witnessed the wonderful progress which has been established. In the past, many projects and plans came true through our joint efforts, bringing closer the unity of Christians in their different experiences.

The work of the ACC will be dominated by the Windsor process. This process is extremely important for all of us because of its ecclesiological significance. It is our hope that the ACC will be able to contribute to the reshaping of the Anglican Communion into a worldwide communion of local churches in which all of them will find themselves accepted as God's gift to one another.

My prayers will be with you during this meeting and I wish you God's blessing during these days of working and discussing together.

May your efforts bear fruit in the furthering of God's kingdom.
May God bless you all abundantly

+ J.A.O.L. Vercamrren