The Lambeth Commission on Communion - Documents


Wed 7/21/2004
Subject: Comment received via the Anglican Portal
Name: Mary Reath
Location: Princeton, NJ, USA

Subject: Lambeth Commission on Communion

Your work is very important for the whole world, at this high water mark moment of individualistic expression. Don't be afraid to ask difficult things of people. The popular perceptions are not true. (I know this from serving on vestries at St. Luke in the Fields, in Greenwich Village, NYC, and Trinity, Wall Street.)

We are not nearly as divided along cultural lines as the media asserts and there's a growing discomfort from feeling alienated from anything but the self. Our intensely connected world doesn't know yet how we are meant to live together, as we try to understand the give and take between the local and the global, with how to 'think for ourselves but not by ourselves.' Find language that will help people to connect the head and the heart and inspire religious confidence.

Appeal to people's higher, braver natures ('putting the interests of others above one's own') and describe a future church that they can recognize themselves in. People will want to do the right thing if your appeal makes sense to them. You are rebuilding respect for authority and authentic authority begins with a common sensical appeal and then slowly seeps into the imagination.