The Windsor Process - The Lambeth Commission on Communion

The Lambeth Commission

The Lambeth Commission on Communion was established by the Archbishop of Canterbury in October 2003, following the special Primates' Meeting called that month in Lambeth Palace. Chaired by Archbishop Robin Eames, the Commission was asked to look at life in the Anglican Communion and offer advice on finding a way through developments which threatened to divide the Communion … More

The Windsor Report 2004

The Lambeth Commission on Communion was asked to complete its work in one year and the Windsor Report was published in October 2004. The report was offered as part of a process towards healing and reconciliation in the Anglican Communion … More

Official Responses

The Windsor Report 2004 was presented to the Archbishop of Canterbury and to the Joint Standing Committee of the Anglican Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council. Official responses from the Provinces followed … More

The Reception Process

The official process of reception for the Windsor Report 2004 began in February 2005 during a meeting of the Primates and Moderators held in Northern Ireland. In order to prepare for this meeting, a Reception Reference Group was appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury to assist the Primates by monitoring the way in which the Windsor Report had been received across the Anglican Communion and by our ecumenical partners … More