An Anglican Covenant - Downloads


This page contains links to all the documents that are available as downloads from the various sections of the web site. All downloads are available in PDF format

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The Anglican Communion Covenant
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - English(PDF document 308K)
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - Portuguese (PDF document 70K)
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - Spanish (PDF document 293K)
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - Korean (PDF document 249K)
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - Japanese (PDF document 402K)
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - French (PDF document 60K)
 Letter from the Secretary General regarding the Anglican Communion Covenant (PDF document 190K)
 Covenant Working Party Commentary on Revisions to Section 4 (PDF document 198K)
 The Anglican Communion Covenant - section 4 final text compared with the previous draft, with alterations noted. - (PDF document 119K)
 Responses from Provinces to Section 4 of the Ridley Cambridge Draft of the Anglican Covenant - (PDF document 57K)

Ridley Cambridge Documentation
 All Ridley Cambridge Documentation - (PDF document 308K)
 All Ridley Cambridge Documentation - Spanish (PDF document 190K)
 All Ridley Cambridge Documentation - Portuguese (PDF document 198K)
 An Anglican Covenant Third Draft - (PDF document 119K)
 Commentary on the Ridley Cambridge Draft - (PDF document 57K)
 Appendix - (PDF document 43K)

St Andrew's Documentation
 All St Andrew's Documentation - (PDF document 262K)
 All St Andrew's Documentation Spanish - (PDF document 262K)
 All St Andrew's Documentation French - (PDF document 262K)
 All St Andrew's Documentation Portuguese - (PDF document 262K)
 Covenant Design Group Communiqué - (PDF 29K)
 Introduction to St Andrew's Text - (PDF document 28K)
 An Anglican Covenant Second Draft - (PDF document 64K)
 Commentary on the St Andrew's Draft - (PDF document 47K)
 Appendix - (PDF document 34K)

Singapore Documentation
 Lambeth Commentary - (PDF document 178K)
 Lambeth Commentary (Survey Report) - (PDF document 201K)

Nassau Documentation
 Covenant Design Group Report and Covenant Draft Text - English (PDF 219K)
Covenant draft text- English (Updated April 2007) (PDF document 49K)
 Covenant Design Group Report and Covenant Draft Text - Spanish (PDF 48K)
Covenant draft text- Spanish (PDF document 36K)
 Covenant Design Group Report and Covenant Draft Text - French (PDF 46K)
Covenant draft text- French (PDF document 34K)

Discussions and Papers
Primates Discussion -English (New May 2007) (PDF document 27K)
JSC Discussion - English (New May 2007) (PDF document 19K)
Letter from the Chair of the Covenant Design Group to the Primates (PDF document 15K)