#AdventWord 2015 – A Global Advent Calendar

Participate in the Anglican Communion’s Global Advent Calendar. Live into the season of Advent as we anticipate the coming of Christ, the fulfillment of our deepest desires and longings. Respond to a daily meditation with images and prayers that speak to your heart and be part of a global Advent Calendar that brings us together in communion


AdventWord 2015

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The Anglican Communion with the SSJE Brothers invite you to:

  • Sign up
  • Pray through Advent
  • Use your phone camera
  • Help create a Global Advent Calendar.

How To:

Receive the daily AdventWord meditation and respond with an image of your own on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Watch the Advent Calendar grow each day.

On Twitter & Instagram tag with #adventword & the tag for the day. Make sure that there is a space between the tags for example: #adventword #proclaim. On Facebook go to the AdventWord Page and write on page using #adventword & the tag for the day.

Clergy and Youth Leaders - Ask your congregants to send in pictures that resonate with the word and image of the day. Tag them #adventword and the day’s word so they can see one another’s inspirations.

Advent Word

In Advance

If you want to get your images ready in advance here's a cheat sheet -

Tag with  #Adventword AND ...

Nov 29 #WakeUp

Nov 30 #Proclaim

Dec 1 #Give

Dec 2 #Forgive

Dec 3 #Repent

Dec 4 #Worship

Dec 5 #Believe

Dec 6 #Care

Dec 7 #Be

Dec 8 #Surprise

Dec 9 #Ask

Dec 10 #Dare

Dec 11 #Shine

Dec 12 #Wait

Dec 13 #Wonder

Dec 14 #Accept

Dec 15 #Listen

Dec 16 #Invite

Dec 17 #Desire

Dec 18 #Prepare

Dec 19 #Hope

Dec 20 #Look

Dec 21 #Experience

Dec 22 #Pray

Dec 23 #Reflect

Dec 24 #Receive

Please remember that any image that you send will be public. Please be respectful of people’s privacy. Thank you.

Questions: Please contact

The Friends of SSJE

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, The Monastery

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA  friends@ssje.org www.ssje.org