Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 06-Jul-2014     Pentecost 4
Psalm: 119:17-32    Acts 6:1-7
PRAY for The Church of Pakistan (United) The Most Revd Samuel Robert Azariah Bishop of Raiwind & Moderator of the Church of Pakistan

Monday 07-Jul-2014
Psalm: 21:1-7,13    Acts 6:8-15
East Ruwenzori - (Uganda) The Rt Revd Edward Bamucwanira

Tuesday 08-Jul-2014
Psalm: 22:1-21    Acts 7:1-8
East Tennessee - (IV, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd George D. Young

Wednesday 09-Jul-2014
Psalm: 22:22-31    Acts 7:9-16
Eastern Himalayas - (North India) Vacant

Thursday 10-Jul-2014
Psalm: 23    Gen 8:13-22
Eastern Oregon - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Bavi Edna Rivera
Oregon - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Michael Hanley

Friday 11-Jul-2014
Psalm: 24    Gen 9:1-7
Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador - (Canada, Canada) The Rt Revd Geoffrey Peddle

Saturday 12-Jul-2014
Psalm: 25:1-18    Gen 9:8-17
Eastern Zambia - (Central Africa) The Rt Revd William Mchombo