Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 31-Mar-2013     Resurrection of our Lord Easter Day
Psalm: 118:1-5    Heb. 9:11-22
Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!
our triumphant holy day, Alleluia!
who did once upon the cross, Alleluia!
suffer to redeem our loss. Alleluia!

Monday 01-Apr-2013     Monday in Easter Week
Psalm: 148    Heb. 9:23-28
Mount Kilimanjaro - (Tanzania) The Rt Revd Stanley Elilekia Hotay
The Most Revd Jacob Erasto Chimeledya Archbishop of Tanzania & Bishop of Mpwapwa

Tuesday 02-Apr-2013     Tuesday in Easter Week
Psalm: 149    Heb. 10:1-6
Mpumalanga - (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Daniel Kgomosotho

Wednesday 03-Apr-2013     Wednesday in Easter Week
Psalm: 145:13-21    Heb 10:7-14
Mthatha (formerly St John's) - (Southern Africa) The Rt Revd Dr Sitembele Mzamane

Thursday 04-Apr-2013     Thursday in Easter Week
Psalm: 146    Heb. 10:15-18
Muhabura - (Uganda) The Rt Revd Cranmer Mugisha
Mukono - (Uganda) The Rt Revd William Ssebaggala

Friday 05-Apr-2013     Friday in Easter Week
Psalm: 138    Deut. 1:1-8
Multan - (Pakistan) The Rt Revd Leu Paul

Saturday 06-Apr-2013     Saturday in Easter Week
Psalm: 118:6-14    Deut. 1:9-18
Mumbai (Form. Bombay) - (North India) The Rt Revd Prakash Patole