Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 07-Oct-2012     Pentecost 19
Psalm: 119:161-176    Mt 8:5-17
PRAY for The Church of the Province of West Africa Accra (Ghana) - (West Africa) The Rt Revd Dr Daniel Sylvanus Mensah Torto

Monday 08-Oct-2012
Psalm: 107:33-43    Mt 8:18-22
Ideato - (Owerri, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Caleb Maduoma

Tuesday 09-Oct-2012
Psalm: 110    Mt 8:23-27
Idoani - (Ondo, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Ezekiel Dahunsi

Wednesday 10-Oct-2012
Psalm: 111    2 Sam 19:15-39
Ife - (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Oluwole Odubogun

Thursday 11-Oct-2012
Psalm: 112    2 Sam 23:1-7
Ife East - (Ibadan, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Oluseyi Oyelade

Friday 12-Oct-2012
Psalm: 113    Mt 8:28 - 9:1
Ifo - (Lagos, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Nathaniel Oladejo Ogundipe

Saturday 13-Oct-2012
Psalm: 114    Mt 9:2-8
Igbomina - (Kwara, Nigeria) The Most Revd Michael Akinyemi
Igbomina - West - (Kwara, Nigeria) The Rt Revd James Akinola