Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 03-Jun-2012     Trinity Sunday
Psalm: 1    Mk 6:1-6
Most high and holy is the Lord, most high his havenly throne; where God the Father, God the Son, and God the Spirit, ever One, in glory reigns alone
Timothy Dudley Smith

Connor - (Armagh, Ireland) The Rt Revd Alan Francis Abernethy

Monday 04-Jun-2012
Psalm: 2:1-8    Mk 6:7-13
Cork, Cloyne & Ross - (Dublin, Ireland) The Rt Revd William Paul Colton

Tuesday 05-Jun-2012
Psalm: 3    Mk 6:14-29
Costa Rica - (Central America) The Rt Revd Hector Monterroso Gonzalez

Wednesday 06-Jun-2012
Psalm: 4    Jdg 2:11-23
Coventry - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd Christopher Cocksworth
Coventry - Warwick - (Canterbury, England) The Rt Revd John Stroyan

Thursday 07-Jun-2012
Psalm: 5:1-8,11-12    Jdg 4:1-21
Cuba - (Cuba) The Rt Revd Griselda Delgado Del Carpio
Suffragan Bishop of Cuba - (Cuba) The Rt Revd Ulises Prendes

Friday 08-Jun-2012
Psalm: 6:1-9    Jdg 5:19-31
Cueibet - (Sudan) The Rt Revd Elijah Mutaney Awate

Saturday 09-Jun-2012
Psalm: 7:1-11,17    Mk 6:30-44
Cuernavaca - (Mexico) The Rt Revd Enrique TreviƱo Cruz