Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 28-Aug-2011     Pentecost 11 Augustine, Bishop of Hippo
Psalm: 119:81-96    Acts 12:12-19
Pray for All those involved in Theological Education
Colleges and Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) and its network of over 120 institutions of higher education, as they continue to explore the potential within the Anglican Communion to serve God and the world more effectively, imaginatively and creatively.
Santiago - (Philippines) The Rt Revd Alexander A Wandag

Monday 29-Aug-2011
Psalm: 64    Acts 12:20-25
San Joaquin - (VIII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Chester Talton
San Joaquin - (The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd David Rice

Tuesday 30-Aug-2011
Psalm: 65    Gen 25:1-11
Sao Paulo - (Brazil) Vacant

Wednesday 31-Aug-2011
Psalm: 66    Gen 25:19-34
Sapele - (Bendel, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Blessing Erifeta

Thursday 01-Sep-2011
Psalm: 67    Gen 27:1-17
Saskatchewan - (Rupert's Land, Canada) The Rt Revd Michael William Hawkins
Saskatchewan - Indigenous Ministry - (Rupert's Land, Canada) The Rt Revd Adam Halkett
Saskatoon - (Rupert's Land, Canada) The Rt Revd David Irving

Friday 02-Sep-2011
Psalm: 68:1-18    Gen 27:18-29
Sebei - (Uganda) The Rt Revd Augustine Arapyona Salimo

Saturday 03-Sep-2011
Psalm: 68:1-10    Gen 27:30-40
Sekondi (Ghana) - (West Africa) The Rt Revd Col John Otoo