Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 07-Aug-2011     Pentecost 8
Psalm: 119:49-64    Acts 9:1-9
Remo - (Lagos, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Michael Fape

Monday 08-Aug-2011
Psalm: 42    Acts 9:10-19
Renk - (Sudan) The Rt Revd Jospeh Garang Atem

Tuesday 09-Aug-2011     International day of Worlds Indigenous People
Psalm: 43    Acts 9:20-31
PRAY for the Anglican Indigenous Network (AIN) that its work will enable indigenous Anglicans to exercise leadership in contributing their vision and gifts to transform the life of the Christian community.
Rhode Island - (I, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Geralyn Wolf

Wednesday 10-Aug-2011
Psalm: 44:1-8    Gen 21:1-7
Rift Valley - (Tanzania) The Rt Revd John Daudi Lupaa

Thursday 11-Aug-2011
Psalm: 45    Gen 21:8-21
Rio de Janeiro - (Brazil) The Rt Revd Filadelfo Oliviera Neto

Friday 12-Aug-2011     International Youth Day
Psalm: 46    Gen 22:1-19
PRAY for the International Anglican Youth Network (IAYN) as it looks for a Communion in which young people are supported and strengthened in their own ministry and participation in the life of the Church.
Rio Grande - (VII, The Episcopal Church) The Rt Revd Michael Vono

Saturday 13-Aug-2011
Psalm: 47    Gen 23
Ripon and Leeds - (York, England) Vacant
Ripon and Leeds - Knaresborough - (York, England) The Rt Revd James Bell