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If you need technical help with sorting out your email subscription, please email

Please note the points below, which may help you with your ACNSlist subscription:

  • You can't be subscribed more than once with the same email address - if you try to subscribe for a second time you will receive a message confirming you are subscribed already. This is a useful way to check the status of your subscription.
  • ACNSlist remains "read only" and any unauthorised postings to ACNSlist are discarded.
  • It would be helpful if people would unsubscribe if they have auto responders set up while they are away. These messages can generate much unnecessary traffic and are difficult to filter out.
  • The list is also set up so that if an address bounces twice it will automatically be unsubscribed.
  • You should subscribe or unsubscribe via this web site or by email (see the instructions on the Subscribe and Unsubscribe pages). Please do not ask the the list manager or other staff to do this for you, unless both methods have failed. In which case, please give as much information as possible concerning the problems you have experienced, so that steps can be taken to improve the service for the future.

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Please note: To change the email address you use for your ACNSlist subscription, you will need to subscribe your new address and then unsubscribe your old address.